CompuCash web based product register is now live

Ektaco’s point of sale system, CompuCash, development team is busy with the 5th generation product. In 2018 our customers started to use a web based sales report and dashboard. To smooth the service process in restaurants and cafes we launched the CompuCash Waiter app for Android and iPhone.

Now we are happy to introduce the brand new product registry that you can also use over web and it is connected with CC400 point of sale and office. You are warmly welcome to start using it. Please contact your local reseller from here. Your feedback is very important for us for finetuning usability.


4 reasons that hinder successful launch of a new restaurant

The summer is coming closer and closer and so several new restaurants and cafes are opening.  This means that it is the right time to review all details that matter for successful opening of your restaurant, café or bar.


We are telling about four reasons that tend to bring unpleasant surprises for restaurants. You can be smarter and avoid these.


3 recommendation for restaurants for low season

Most of the restaurant owners know what it means to operate during low seasons and times after the holidays. These are times when the lack of visitors tends to harm your business.


Still not all restaurants get hurt as they have contributed with marketing and sales activities to be prepared and motivate clients to come namely in these times.


The following three recommendations have been gathered based on the conversations with restaurant owners about how to manage in low season times.

CompuCash Waiter

CompuCash Waiter is a mobile app to take orders in restaurants and cafes both for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Samsung, Huawei etc.).


Kristina, a waitress in restaurant Pelm, comments: „Quicker than on paper“.


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