Starting a New Restaurant, Cafe or Night Club

There are many nice restaurants everywhere but one more with great cuisine and atmosphere fits nicely into each city or village. But You also need a Point of Sale system to make optimise Your sales and manage the workflow.


Analyse Your Needs

The first needed step to choose a right point of sale system You would need to map your needs. You are probably not starting a restaurant for one year but it is your long term plan and it may be a growing business. 

Keep in mind that people prefer to pay with a bank card and mobile payments are also often used. In Estonia all people have an electronic ID card that is also often used as their loyalty card in restaurants, shops, etc.

The benefits you can get from a point of sale system with its different devices:

  • Using a mobile minidevice your personnel can send the orders straight from the tables to the kitchen and so raise the effectiveness and speed of  service and sales
  • An integrated payment terminal and point of sales raises the speed of transactions and eliminates human mistakes
  • Marketing solutions (e.g. discounts, loyalty system, campaign management, etc.) increases the number of revisits and your client base
  • A transparent sales and bonus system with clear rules motivates your personnel and takes good care of the discipline 
  • Easy stocktaking and automated warnings help to optimise your stock 
  • Real time data about your sales and visitors, integration with your bookkeeping software helps to keep control of your costs and optimise the sales 



Important criteria choosing your point of sale system to look at are:

  • Price model and availability of devices, software, maintenance and support
  • Simplicity and easy-to-use
  • Speed of a payment, incl. integration with the payment terminal
  • Reliability that the system always works, incl. while the internet is not working 
  • Accessibility, i.e. can you manage it over the internet 
  • Office /back-end functionalities
  • Loyalty and marketing support functions 
  • Storage management
  • Real time management data 
  • Possible integration with a video surveillance system 
  • Integrations with your bookkeeping software 
  • Availability of a recipe module and kitchen display

Functionalities in a good point of sale and its back end side:

  • open bills, options for bill management and transfer 
  • options to use all needed ways of payment 
  • easy way to divide the bills between people
  • marking the tables and courses to manage the flow smoothly 
  • the way to note down special requests of people 
  • options for using different kinds of discounts, loyalty cards and gift cards 
  • kitchen display to fulfil smoothly the orders
  • recipe and their calculations management 
  • availability of different languages based on the need of the preference of your personnel 
  • sales statistics to the manager 
  • a log and reporting system of your different points of sale 


In order to make the right choice it is good to consult other restaurants but also people who develop and sell these systems every day. 
Find out about CompuCash and come to discuss the right choice for You.

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