CompuCash – mobile dashboard for managers

Are you aware of the mobile dashboard app of CompuCash to keep an eye on the results of your business and make quick decisions based on real time data? CompuCash5 app offers managers to get a good overview about most relevant numbers in your business from the device you like best or have at hand. Want to start using Compucash5 app, please contact or your local CompuCash representative. Being already CompuCash5 dashboard user, just enjoy the new quicker and nicer version with some additional functionality.


CompuCash manager’s app shows you the following:

  • turnover
  • number of invoices
  • average sum of the invoices
  • number of clients
  • loyalty card statistics
  • and other relevant data about your business.

The information is easy to handle and nicely visualised. We support different graph forms and comparisons. You can compare different periods, sales points and sales people.

The new version works quicker and the users can make it more customized for their needs. We have added the functionality to change your own personal saved widget, save these and also save the comparisons you like to monitor frequently. There is a new widget for sports clubs, spas and other services providers to monitor the usage of their service cards.



CompuCash5 app works in a smartphone and tablet of your choice. It is an add-on to the CompuCash 4000 POS.

Take a look at a short video of the solution: 


















To start using Compucash5 app please contact

The more detailed reports in the table format are in the development. This solution will allow you to look and analyse the sales data in much more details.

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