CompuCash Waiter

CompuCash Waiter is a mobile app to take orders in restaurants and cafes both for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (Samsung, Huawei etc.).


Kristina, a waitress in restaurant Pelm, comments: „Quicker than on paper“.


What can you do with it?

  • take orders from a table or for home delivery
  • insert the number of people in the table
  • the orders will go straight to your kitchen or bar and the waiter can continue to the next table and the next order
  • the order can be taken client by client if you wish so and also add the courses
  • You can change the order if needed
  • add special wishes to the food and drinks or a remark for a table of an invoice
  • add food and drinks scrolling the panel or with each search option


CompuCash Waiter is working in combination with CompuCash 4000 office and Windows point-of-sale. In order to set up your POSes for that and purchase the devices please contact: or the  CompuCash reseller on your market.  To download the app, click here: Google Play or AppStore.


CompuCash Waiter is in active use in several restaurants in T1, Mall of Tallinn in Estonia: Pelm, Helk, Chakra, Tokumaru and also in OKO restaurants (in Viimsi). In most of these restaurants already 80% of the orders are taken with the Waiter app.  Kristina, a waitress in Pelm, comments: „Quicker than on paper“. Inkram from Chakra remarked „ Even in our small place it makes sense. One is taking orders from tables and the other can prepare food and drinks“.


CompuCash is bringing the new app for Android and iPad tablets to the market in the spring that also will have the payment functionality, so it can replace the Windows point-of-sale and work together with CompuCash4000 office part.


Also the CompuCash office is getting web-based step by step.  By now we have detailed sales reports and dashboard for the managers on offer. Also our kitchen display creates additional synergy with CompuCash Waiter. CompuCash kitchen display will show the orders taken with the Waiter at once and so they can start work earlier and the cooks can notify quickly the waiters.


Ask for more information from and agree a time for a free demo: +372 639 7944 or +372 504 1104.

You can also send your request from here.


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