Bučerio bistro in Vilnius has started to enjoy CompuCash

Let us introduce you to the Bucher Bistro who have recently installed and started to use CompuCash restaurant management system.
We are proud to have genuine experts in their field who value quality and develop high food culture among our clients.



Enjoy steaks on the spot, pick meat for the steak and wine directly from the shelf and spend your time in the most pleasant way.

The Bucher Bistro specialists will provide you with the information you need to get the desired steak prepared.  You can watch the chefs in the open kitchen, communicate with them and get the right barbecue tips. The chefs at the Bucher Bistro will offer steaks with sauces and garnishes of their own production. While homemade sausages, beef tartare and Chef's burgers are a great choice not only for steak lovers.



The automatic write-off of raw materials in the Bucher bistro has saved a lot of time and the convenient interface of the cash register system promotes a faster and more efficient customer service process.



Here follow the key benefits of CompuCash Business Management Program for restaurants, bars and cafes:
Automatic write-off of raw materials. The raw materials are written off automatically after the sales. You will be able to forget ineffective manual writing off at the end of a business day.
Creation of technological cards. You will get a chance to create individual recipes linked to a quick and easy removal of raw materials from your stock.
Convenient cash register interface control. You can design commodity buttons which would make the layout of the goods quick and convenient to use.

CompuCash Business Management System for restaurants, bars and cafes is the best choice for the growth of your business.
Save time and money efficiently with CompuCash!

CompuCash reseller in Lithuania is Empirija.

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