Easy to use mobile POS for quick sales

5th generation CompuCash point of sale solution in tablets (Android and iPad) with payment functionality is a great tool for sales at events, food trucks, stalls and cafes that sell from the counters. The product has proved itself in the roof café of the Viru centre in Tallinn and at large Bon Jovi concert with 80 sales points. Soon also Misada Foodtruck and Kauksi Beach Café will start to use CompuCash POS.


CompuCash mobile point of sale in a tablet is working nicely together with CC4000 office and of course with 5th generation web based office. In CompuCash 5 office one can already create product groups and products with their prices and recipes, check detailed sales reports or use the dashboard. With the summer also the functionality for creating and managing discounts and invoice register will be added.

What can one do with CompuCash POS, i.e. point of sale in a tablet?

  • choose quickly the product your client wants to buy
  • process the cash payment of a client
  • accept the bank card payment and process it quickly thanks to its integration with the bank terminal
  • send the order to the kitchen printer
  • print the interim cheque and the final receipt


Anton Must, Livelife Board Member / Live Nation’s Partner: „Cooperation with Ektaco, that began with the concert of Gun’n Roses last summer, has continued smoothly also this year at Bon Jovi concert in Tallinn. Ektaco’s team has been professional, all the organisational side went smoothly. Taking into account that the CompuCash POS app for Android got ready just a couple of weeks before the concert, and managed through this kind of large event, is a respectable result. Some shortcoming came out during the concert to be improved.  Ektaco has promosed to take the feedback into account and come out with a new version by the concert of Metallica in July in Tartu. The new POS system works on Android tablets that makes the installation quick and guarantees the needed mobility.“

For the restaurants with table service CompuCash Waiter is a suitable mobile solution. You can nicely take the orders form tables, send them straight to your kitchen or bar and move to the next table to take their order. You cannot process payments with Waite but you can do it in CC4000 Windows point of sale.

What can one do with CompuCash Waiter, i.e. a mobile solution to take orders?

  • take orders from the table or for home delivery
  • mark the number of people in a table if you wish to gather the statistics
  • the orders will be directly sent to the kitchen or bar and the waiter can move to the next table to take a new order
  • you can take the order client by client or divide later if they want to pay individually
  • you can also mark courses to make the process of cooking and delivery smoother
  • you can always change the orders in case of need
  • you can add special wishes to the drinks and dishes and a special note to the table or invoice
  • you can find the dishes and drinks scrolling from the products’ bar or using the search




You are arranging a larger concert or festival, you need a point-of-sale system for your food truck, sales stall or a café with a counter – contact us and let’s take a look into CompuCash POS suitability for your sales.


You have a café or restaurant with table service and it would be good to add mobile points of sale to your summer terrace for quicker and smoother service, then contact us and let’s agree about CompuCash Waiter.


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