CompuCash in the Bookstore of Lithuanian History and Ethnography

We are proud to present a unique and exceptional client of CompuCash Business Management system - the Bookstore of Lithuanian History and Ethnography Publications located at the Open-air Museum of Lithuania.


It is the only specialized bookstore not only  in Lithuania, but also in Eastern Europe which has got the collection of both recent and antique publications on Lithuanian history, archeology, old Baltic worldviews, architecture, folk art, textiles, ceramics, woodwork, sculptures, nature, mythology, ethnology, Lithuanian studies, ethnographic music and a rich section on ethnographic music audio releases.


Main advantages of CompuCash Business management system which helped to facilitate everyday work of the Bookstore of Lithuanian History and Ethnography Publications:

  1. Management of stock. Real-time history of book sales. No need to waste the client’s time searching for the required book on the shelves. CompuCash Business Management system contains all information in one place and allows to quickly find preferred publications.
  2. A variety of reports. Gives a chance to find out which books readers are most interested in.
  3. Individualus lipnių etikečių kūrimas. CompuCash Business Management system gives the opportunity to create your own design self-adhesive labels based on book titles and shelf space.


We are glad to have been able to contribute to the modernization project of the unique bookstore in Lithuania.


CompuCash Business Management system is the best choice for the growth of your business. 


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