CompuCash point of sale system is certified in Latvia

CompuCash is one of the few certified point of sales systems in Latvia from this spring. That makes it nicely possible for you to use the same system in your restaurants, cafes, shops or entertainment centres in Estonia and Latvia.


Several CompuCash customers have opened their businesses also in the neighbouring countries.  The set requirements for the point of sale systems differ from country to country. Estonia and Finland have not set too strict rules for companies for choosing their point of sale systems and so the companies are free to choose a system they see best for their business. Latvia and Lithuania have set a state requirement that with a point of sale system also a fiscal block needs to be installed. The fiscal block is a device that stores in its memory all point of sale transactions and the state tax office can check it if needed.



Already some years ago Latvia started to stricken the requirement for these fiscal blocks. It meant that the point of sale systems used in Latvia had to develop a new fiscal block and make several changes in their point of sale system software. After that one of the two certified auditing bureaus checked if the system matches with the state requirements and finally also the Latvian State Tax Office checked the same. This process was very tough and all the process took a lot of time. From spring 2019 CompuCash is one of the few point of sale systems with the fiscal block that are certified to be used in Latvia.


There are more than 150 point of sales using CompuCash in Latvia, incl. Olymic Casino and Alko 1000. Of course it is used in several restaurants, shops and beauty centres.


If you have a business in Latvia or you are planning to open a new location there, please contacts us or +372 50 800 90 and we are happy to provide you a suitable point of sale system.


Our partner in Latvia is NRData.


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