Self-service helps cafes to manage shortage of personnel

Self-service cash points have been in use already for some years and by now it is difficult to name a service area where these are not used at all. Following the warm welcome of self-service points of sales in supermarkets also gas stations, banks, care washing points, sports clubs have started to use self-service machines and by now also cafes. The main motivator to implement self-service is the shortage of personnel.


CompuCash POS system entered the world foodie capital

Saying Dubai most of us imagine palm trees, hot weather and luxury of the Emirates. On top of that Dubai has become a foodie capital with four new eateries opening every day.


While before the restaurants and cafes in Dubai could also manage with cash or just a cash machine then now, when from 2018 there is a value added tax implemented in the United Arab Emirates 1st time in the history, a comfortable and reliable cash system is becoming essential.


From January this year the restaurants in the United Arab Emirates can also enjoy the quickness and rich functionality of the European POS system that’s especially popular among restaurants, cafes and also well-known brands shops.

5 recommendations, how to start successfully in a shopping mall

New and new shopping malls are being opened, in Cambodia, Mexico, Kenya, and in many European countries. In Tallinn, Estonia, three more shopping malls will be opened this and next year: T1 Mall of Tallinn, Porto Franco and Tallink City.

Ektaco has been interviewing Janek Birnbaum who owns ten shops in Estonian and Latvian shopping malls, to get his view to the boom and ask for valuable recommendations how to start a new shop successfully in a shopping centre.

Starting a New Restaurant, Cafe or Night Club

There are many nice restaurants everywhere but one more with great cuisine and atmosphere fits nicely into each city or village. But You also need a Point of Sale system to make optimise Your sales and manage the workflow.


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