CompuCash – mobile dashboard for managers

Are you aware of the mobile dashboard app of CompuCash to keep an eye on the results of your business and make quick decisions based on real time data? CompuCash5 app offers managers to get a good overview about most relevant numbers in your business from the device you like best or have at hand. Want to start using Compucash5 app, please contact or your local CompuCash representative. Being already CompuCash5 dashboard user, just enjoy the new quicker and nicer version with some additional functionality.


POS client display for Your ads

Your point-of-sale device can be nicely used as a marketing channel. There are client displays towards them where the client can see the content of their purchase. The other half of the screen space is suitable for showing them some of you advertisement. While there are no purchases made, the full screen can show your logo or a campaign advertisement.


CompuCash brings rural tourism into the digital era

Rural tourism is booming in Lithuania and Ektaco’s partner in Lithuania, Empirija LTD, just kick-started a new project – `Reservations management system in rural tourism sector`.


“Keružė“,which is located in Dzūkijos National Park, is the first rural tourism business to implement CompuCash system. The testimony from the client says, that this is the most reliable and most convenient reservations management program. It not only makes everyday tasks much easier but also helps to avoid mistakes and keeps smooth workflow.

Self-service helps cafes to manage shortage of personnel

Self-service cash points have been in use already for some years and by now it is difficult to name a service area where these are not used at all. Following the warm welcome of self-service points of sales in supermarkets also gas stations, banks, care washing points, sports clubs have started to use self-service machines and by now also cafes. The main motivator to implement self-service is the shortage of personnel.


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